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3-Kryptos Training Package

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The Kryptos Training Package

The dagger is the epitome of a fighting blade. For thousands of years across the globe, it's recognized as a instrument of war.  Along with its universal use came some universal designs that modern knife makers have chosen to ignore.  We are students of blade use, from all cultures and all times.  We listened to the lessons of past warriors.  The result is The Kryptos.

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The Kryptos was a design requested by a specific team to wear on their kit.  It's design fits critical needs of the operator in carry, deployment, utilization,  resheathing and of course, training. This understanding of the operator's needs and how to fill those needs is the result of over a dozen years of working with them and training with them hands on over and over again, pressure testing each model, each design and each carry system.

Blade Shape

The most effective dagger blade shape has a slight wedge shape.  It provides us with several advantages that the parallel dagger shape, common in mass production, does not. Parallel edges became the standard because knife makers and factories use flat bar stock which comes the width of the blade.  Making it cheaper and easier for the maker.  But the actual use of the blade should dictate the design, not ease of production.

Unparallel edges or a wedge shaped dagger creates a increasingly wider wound channel, increasing the users capability of hitting the vital target aimed at.  It also becomes free from the friction of the wound channel much quicker, allowing the user to hit multiple targets more quickly.  Perhaps the greatest benefit in the wedge shaped dagger is the amazingly effective point configuration.  With the parallel dagger you end up with a rounded point design.  As opposed to the Kryptos design, which gives us a truly remarkable design for thrusting through even the most resistant surfaces.  (multiple folds of clothing, kevlar, webbing types of vests, etc.)

Handle Geometry and Draw Stroke

When it comes to blade handles there are a few considerations.  Draw, Use, Durability and Comfort.  The Kryptos has all four.  In particular is it's draw. When it comes time, you want a 100% positive draw. No fumbling trying to find it or gain purchase of your master grip for the draw stroke.  If you have gloves on that becomes even harder.  To dramatically increase the positive draw stroke we created a four point friction area on the pommel, allowing the hand to catch the blade handle on ALL four sides. This unique design dramatically increases the user's grip and insures a positive master grip upon completion.

Grip During Utilization

There's a common problem in blade work where people slide forward on the handle and cut their fingers on the blade edge.  Over centuries people have tried to fix this problem with various ideas, hand guards, etc. 

We addressed this problem with geometry.  The handle gets progressively wider on ALL four sides as it gets closer to the blade.  This dramatically increases the friction of the grip as your hand is closing on the handle!  This mechanical increase in leverage provides the best, most effective grip possible when thrusting with the blade. 

Kryptos Trainer

* The Kryptos trainer is an exact replica of the live blade but with a couple of small but important changes. 

* The anodized blue color is a safety standard in Military training.  All inert training devices are blue. (blue guns, blue training knives, blue Claymores, etc.) 

* The tip of the Kryptos Trainer is 0.5 inches shorter than the real blade.  When you practice with a trainer, you touch your target with the tip but cannot enter the target.  This shorter design builds an automatic half inch penetration into your targeting and negates the training scar created by using trainers. 

Kryptos Sheath

*Designed by the Sayoc Tactical Group and custom made by HeadHunter Blades, this sheath fits both the live blade and the trainer.  Simply take the live blade from your sheath, place it in a safe location, put the trainer in the sheath, and you are ready to train!  When you are done, reverse the process.

 * It is completely ambidextrous, allowing both the blade and the trainer to be inserted edge up or down and thus can be worn on the right or left side.

* HeadHunter Blades uses small rivets to ensure a small and lightweight sheath, custom spring clips with a garment hook to ensure a positive lock onto garments, and expertly molded Kydex. 

*Due to the nature of the live blade and trainer feeling exactly the same:   PRIOR TO TRAINING, ALWAYS VISUALLY ENSURE YOU HAVE THE TRAINER IN YOUR SHEATH AND YOUR LIVE WEAPON SAFELY SECURED. 

OAL - 9 3/4 inches

Blade Width 1 1/2 inches

Blade length 5 1/4 inches

Blade thickness 5/32

Blade coating - Titanium Nitride

Handle lenth 4 1/2 inches

Handle Thickness 3/4 inch tapering to 1/4 inch

A8 Steel

G 10 Handle

Custom Kydex sheath


 **Shipping and production time for this product is currently within 8 weeks.

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