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2-Dirty Training Package

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The Dirty is the Rat's big brother.  It's full size grip is strong, sturdy and designed for someone who wants a little more in their hand than the Rat provides.  However, like the Rat it is easily carried and concealed, providing comfort and reliability in one package. This single edged blade offers a great mix of full sized use and ease of carry.

Blades typically ship within 8 weeks.

The Blade

At the five inches long this blade can easily reach all the vital targets of the body.  Most from multiple angles.  The width is just over one inch wide providing a wide wound channel and great leverage.  Single edge is legal in most places and the false edge on top provides the all important point geometry necessary for ease of penetration through tough clothing or other materials. 

The Handle

A strong wide grip provides safety and security to the user.  The deep finger notch and the curved palm assist handle makes thrusting more secure and reduces the chances of riding the blade.
The hook on the end of the handle provide a mechanical advantage when performing the drawstroke, making it faster and more secure.  It also puts the blade in the Master grip, giving you the same grip from the draw, every time. 

The Trainer

It is an exact replica of the live blade but with a couple of small but important changes.  First is the anodized blue color is a safety standard in Military training.  All inert training devices are blue. (blue guns, blue training knives, blue Claymores, etc.)
The tip of the Dirty Trainer is 0.5 inches shorter than the real blade.  When you practice with a trainer, you touch your target with the tip but cannot enter the target.  This shorter design builds an automatic half inch penetration into your targeting and negates the training scar created by using trainers. 


The Sheath

Sheaths are custom Kydex with a proprietary clip designed by Head Hunter Blades and fit both the Live Blade and the Training Blade.  Simply take the live blade from your sheath, place it in a safe location, put the trainer in the sheath, and you are ready to train!  When you are done, reverse the process.
HeadHunter Blades uses small rivets to ensure a small and lightweight sheath, spring clips with a garment hook to ensure a positive lock onto garments, and expertly molded Kydex.

The Dirty Sheath is not ambidextrous.  You will need to specify the carry position you want your sheath made for.

Dirty Specs:

OAL  9 inches

Blade width 1 1/4

Blade length 5 inches

Blade thickness 5/32

Handle length 4 inches

Blade A8 Steel

Blade coating  Titanium Nitride

G 10 Handles

Custom Kydex sheath

*Disclaimer* HeadHunter blades are designed specifically to be self defense weapons. Misuse may result in injury to yourself or your blade. Buyer agrees to hold HeadHunter Blades, Warrior’s Way International Inc., Sayoc Kali® and/or their respective affiliated organizations harmless in the event of damage or loss resulting from their use or misuse. Buyer is solely responsible for observing local laws and should be aware that edged tools, knives and the like may be illegal to possess or carry where you live.

VERY IMPORTANT! Buyer is solely responsible for customs clearance for whatever country their order ships to. Customers must check with their local customs officials to determine the legality of all items ordered. HeadHunter Blades is not responsible for any items seized by customs and will not knowingly make shipments to countries where any items are illegal.

By entering into any transaction with HeadHunter Blades, buyer implies having read and understood this disclaimer.

Blades typically ship within 8 weeks

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