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4-Drengar Training Package

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The Drengar Training Package - The L.O.T. behind it.
While working with Sayoc Tactical Group on a contract I was asked by members of one of the top Special Forces teams in the world to make a blade that would fit their specific needs.  The result was the Drengar.
This training package consists of a Drengar Live Blade, Trainer and Sheath.

Blades typically ship within 8 weeks

The Drengar
The Origin Of The Term Drengar

Viking research describes the range of behaviors in Norse society ran the gamut from drengskapr to níðr. The first is usually translated as "honor" and the second as "shame".  Snorri Sturluson wrote, "Valiant men who exert a good influence are called drengr."  Physical bravery was commonly found in every solider.  A drengr possessed  more sought after attributes like nobility, magnanimity, a sense of fair play, respect for others, the strength to do what is right, and a sense of personal honor.

A drengr showed equanimity in the face of danger, not because of insensitivity or stupidity, but because the danger and the possible risk to life and limb was unimportant compared to the need to maintain self-respect and the respect of the community. Hurstwic web reference

The Drengar Knife

Drengar Blade

The design started with conceptes from an Egyptian Flint Knapped dagger made 1000 years before the birth of Christ.  From there we followed the design throughout history to create its current design. The Drengar is the result of years of research and a collaboration with the men of that Special Forces team and is our salute to the brave Drengar that make up that team.

This blade was designed to be worn on a full assault kit.  Generally somewhere in the center of the kit that could be accessed by both hands.  This blade (and this specific course taught by Sayoc Tactical Group) is primarily a reverse grip blade.  The butt of the handle flares out to tabs that make drawing the blade smooth, easy and consistently reliable , even with gloves.  The palm swell increases grip security and decreases likelihood of rotation in the hand during combative situations. 

Drengar blade 2

The overall length is 11 inches with a 6 inch blade.  The blade is 1.5 inches wide at the handle and slowly sweeps to a point.  There are several factors that go into the blade design.  It's length and width allow for a very deep penetration and the width allows for the Operator to physically move the subject once penetration has  occurred.  The double edge grind and the width of the blade allow for a maximum use of postpenetration options once the blade is inside the body.  This gives the Operator a much higher success rate of hitting vital targets inside the body.  Handles are made of G10, which is practically impervious to salt water, solvents, abrasions, etc. Our production blades are made of AUS8 steel. Custom live blades are available in ATS 34

The Drengar Trainer

Drengar trainerThe Trainer for the Drengar is anodized "Inert" blue aluminum.  It is exactly the same dimensions as the     Drengar except for one, the blade is 1/2 inch shorter than the live blade.  This compensates for the training scar of not being able to penetrate your training partners.  Once you touch your partner with the Trainer, you would already be 1/2 inch into the target with the live blade. 


These custom Kydex sheaths are symmetrical, the blade can fit in either way and worn on either side.  It is  specifically designed to hold both the live blade and the Trainer.  To train, simply remove the live blade from the sheath, place the trainer in the sheath, train, remove trainer and replace with live blade.  No need to take things on and off your kit to train or go live.  NOTE: when training, double check to make sure you have a BLUE trainer in your kit and that your partner does as well


*Due to the nature of the live blade and trainer feeling exactly the same:   PRIOR TO TRAINING, ALWAYS VISUALLY ENSURE YOU HAVE THE TRAINER IN YOUR SHEATH AND YOUR LIVE WEAPON SAFELY SECURED. 

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