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Kidlat featured in NCIS LA

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Custom Kidlat blade featured on the #1 hit TV show NCIS LA.  This blade is made by Blade Smith and Guro Harley Elmore and designed by Tuhon Rafael Kayanan of Sayoc Kali. 




Kidlat made its debut on NCIS Los Angeles season 5 episode 10 - ”The Frozen Lake.”  This episode waswritten by Dave Kalstein and originally aired November 26, 2013. Deeks with Kidlat

 In this episode the Kidlat plays an integral role with the developing love affair  between the characters Kensi and Deeks and starts to represent much more than just a knife.

 Harley Elmore with Kidlat     Kensi Holding the Kidlat

Guro Harley Elmore carefully handcrafted this custom replica of the Kidlat blade he made for NCIS Los Angeles. 

You Custom Kidlat will be accompanied by an official certificate of Authenticity.

Certificate of Authenticity






A Custom Kidlat costs $295 plus S&H

The Kidlat is made from ATS34 Steel

The handles are made from Coyote Brown G10

Your package will include a custom Kydex sheath made by Elmore Blades

Prduction time for this item is aproximately 4 months






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